If you're looking for help to facilitate your inner work and inner processes, this is it.

During a session Inner Work, we can work on:

  • Self-love and self-acceptance in a grounded way
  • Processing your feelings and unresolved trauma
  • Supporting to regulate your emotions
  • Addictions
  • Increasing your nervous system capacity
  • Changing limiting beliefs
  • Learning to set boundaries and communicate clearly
  • Your relationship with authorities
  • Manifesting consciously
  • Developing and tuning into your intuition
  • Clarifying your Soul Purpose
  • Discovering your original energetic blue print
  • Learning to interpret the language of your physical body
  • Uncovering your unique potential
  • Enjoying growth while being ok with who and where you are at
  • Inner parenting/inner child work/play
  • Resolving biological-emotional conflicts (German New Medicine)

During a session, you can also opt for a reading of your energetic blueprint. All you have to know for this, is your date, time and location of birth. (For example: June 5th, 1982, 2:35pm GMT, London, UK)

The moment you were born informs the energetic blueprint that you chose.

Yep, we all chose where, when and why we came to earth, and we had good reasons for our choices.

However, society's conditioning tends to confuse us about who we are and what's right for us.

In this basic reading of your energetic blueprint, you can find out that you can trust your desires, impulses and preferences, because they are who you are meant to be.

Many people find out that what society made them believe are 'bugs' are in fact 'features' to lean into.

The main benefit of knowing your blueprint, is that you learn to trust and recognize your own flow and Soul's Purpose. No more fighting windmills! We're not all meant to be or do the same things!

During a session, you can also opt for Spiritual Counseling.

What can it look like?

Ultimately, you get to ask any questions directly or indirectly related to your Soul Purpose or inner work.

I guide you to feel confidence in the answers that are correct FOR YOU.

Ask the questions that are most deeply in your heart and on your mind.

Great questions to explore are:

How can I get more clarity on what my Soul Purpose is?
Why am I not manifesting what I most desire?
There's a painful pattern in my life. Why is it still there, and how can I move forward from it?
How do I resolve unresolved past relationships?
What do I need to move forward in my life?
Why do I not feel good enough?
How can I love and accept myself more?
Why am I stuck in the past or afraid of the future?
How can I get to know myself better?
How can I find resolution about a troubled relationship?
Why do I feel like I'm on the wrong planet?
Why am I/are so many people suffering?
Who am I? Why am I here?
How does the world work?
How can I more deeply connect with my guides/the spirit worlds/creator?
How can I develop my psychic senses?

....and much more!
Anything that's on your mind about your precious existence!